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Coming back home (aka Android experiment gone bad)

iOS vs. Android

Bad Decisions

In 2014, after years of iPhone use, I decided to venture into the world of Android. Surely by now it had matured, and was even supposedly offering features that iOS did not. Even though I had owned and used and iPhone 3, 3GS, 4S, and 5S, I thought I would try the switch. Besides, the Moto 360 smart watch was getting good reviews, and I wanted to try the technology without either spending so much for an Apple Watch, or compromising with a Pebble (The Pebble has come a long way since I made that decision).

Violation of my own rules

I was due for an upgrade from my carrier of choice in my area, Verizon Wireless. First mistake: going to a corporate Verizon store. I should have chosen one of the several Digital Stores in the Peoria area, licensed to carry Verizon, but with an actual knowledgeable staff that actually cares about pairing you with the right phone technology for your use cases.

I had violated my own rule of insufficient research on my own, and relied on this college kid working part-time at the Verizon store. Nothing wrong with being a college kid working at Verizon, you just don't get to choose my phone again. Ever.

So instead, I walk into a corporate Verizon den of idiocy, and had done a little research on Androids and android wearables, but not enough to make an informed decision on my own. I was "helped" by a VZN associate, who seemed to ask the right question from the get go. What is your primary use of your phone going to be? Well, texting of course, need visual voicemail, twitter, email, a screen I can read into my forties, and music.

I was immediately shown a nice looking phone, bigger screen than my 5S, and the ability to increase text size. Only 16gb of storage, but I didn't read books except on my iPad, and with Spotify you aren't trying to store a major music library. Battery life of 24 hours with normal use was a big selling point. I looked it over, and said ok after looking at some LG models and being deterred from them by the Verizon "expert" helping me. I ordered a Moto 360 from Amazon, took the phone home, because if I'm going to do something, I'm all in.

Droid Maxx 2

Trouble from the start

Of course I got it home and charged it up. Took quite a while to get to 100%. Took a nap. Got up and it was done. Now to go on an app installing binge. Like Sir-Clicks-A-Lot on Google Play's site. Got the Next screen notification manager. Cool. I had read reviews about the best Android apps, and I went and downloaded those apps.

The first app I tried was Spotify. I plugged in my awesome Nokia by monster headphones. What? There was some static then nothing. No sound. By the sound of the static I surmised the phone couldn't drive the powered headphones. Bluetooth wouldn't even pair them, so trying wireless failed as badly as wired in. I plugged in my Klipsch earbuds. Music! Bad sounding music though. No bass, Spotify settings on highest quality as I have a premium account. Music sounded like bloody rubbish on this phone. Great.

Next day I received the Moto 360. Pairing the watch was no problem. Installing apps was no problem. Watch faces were cool, but I could never get the one I wanted that also showed the temperature outside to work. Droid kept crashing saying Echofon stopped working. I uninstalled Echofon and went with Twitter's client. Still received message. Several times a day for the entire time I owned the phone I would get that message. Things would randomly quit. The phone would appear to connect to wifi and then all the apps would proclaim I didn't have an internet connection. The Moto 360 would randomly lose connection with the phone and would have to reboot just to check the weather on my wrist. But it would get stuck again either during the day or the next day. Never really got anything useful to work on the watch, not even basic notifications. Verizon would not let me out of my contract. I was doomed to mobile darkness for almost two years. I never did figure out when the phone would make a zapping noise and I had a notification, whether or not it would show the notification. Sometimes later, often never. But the sun would shine again...

Moto 360

Coming Home

I qualified for an early upgrade, and jumped on it. Off to The Digital Store in Washington, IL. Staff is stellar there by the way. Give me what you got man. I want it all iOS, and I need it now brother. iPhone 6S Plus 128 gb, glass screen protector, durable case, Apple Watch Sport 42mm at Target in East Peoria, IL. Go home, charge, pair, restore some of my old apps and found some new ones in my two year absence. As I use all macs, own 1 Mac Pro, and two MacBook Pros, an iPad air, and now the iPhone/Apple Watch, data just synchronized. I didn't do anything, it just cloud magically was there. Paired the phone iwth the watch. Picked my apps, organized my glances. Got a text from mom with a little nudge on the wrist and a light ding. Heaven!

iPhone 6S Plus


I take responsibility for choosing a phone uninformed. This post is horrible warning to all to do your research. I know people who love their 'Droids. These aren't the Droids I am looking for however, I am iOS to the bone. It's like another appendage to me, just natural. So welcome home me, I am extremely happy to be back on iOS powered devices.

Apple Watch

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